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I, Madhusudan G Manek, born at Anjar, Gujarat and brought up in Bombay, studied to be an Engineer. Have my own business of manufacturing iron powder. Still live in Bombay with my father, my wife Manjushree and two sons - Tushar and Vivek. My father used to be a photographer when young. But neither his photography nor his addiction to tobacco interested me.
 In 1984, my sister gifted a Nikon FG to our family, we used it occasionally , I still do.
 In 1988 I joined Prof. Pillai's institute of Photography just to fill the empty hours in my business schedule.
 Since then it's been on, more so for the last two years.

 During my morning walks I discovered that leaves are no less marvelous than flowers. And I fell in love with them.

 The affair continues..... 

 Madhu Manek


My Exhibitions  19th May 2001 to 2nd June 2001:
    Solo show
    'My Green Refuge' 
    Centre For Photography as an Art Form (CPA), N.C.P.A, Bombay
 15th  to 28th July 2001
    Solo show at Mandvi Bank Art Gallery, Mulund, Bombay
 Sep 2001
    Solo Show at S.I.E.S College of Commerce and Economics, Sion, Bombay
 Oct 22 to Nov 5 2001
   Group show "Clicks" at Hacienda Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Bombay
 Group Show:
 1 st April to 14 April 2002 - "Onions" at Hacienda Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Bombay
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Madhu Manek